Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August Giveaway!

One of the greatest musical experiences of my life was the opportunity to work with Sam Cardon on my self-titled album, "Josh Wright" in 2011. We spent many late nights at Libby Gardner Hall recording for hours to get everything just right. He wrote all of the orchestration for the album, which I feel was done with incredible taste and style. He is such an inspiring and humble individual, and I feel honored that I had the privilege to work with him. The album features many of my favorite pieces from the classical and sacred music genres. My main motivation with this album was to try to help others feel a sense of tranquility through the music presented. Even though it does have a few showpieces, including La Campanella by Franz Liszt, the overall feel of the CD is spiritual and peaceful. This month's giveaway features a free signed copy of this CD, along with a signed copy of my arrangement of Clair de Lune/How Great Thou Art which is the first track on the album. Thank you all for your wonderful support.

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  1. Josh! You should come to Boise and perform some time. The Allreds would love to see you again!

    Megan Allred

  2. I am going to Josh's concert at BYU Education Week this month!

  3. Love that album! Favorite background every time I give an AromaTouch. Indeed you achieved a spiritual, peaceful, tranquility in this music. Enjoy "Favorite Things" too, but the "Complete Chopin Etudes" by the very young Josh Wright delights us no end. Thanks for sharing your amazing gift!

  4. Josh...please let us know if/when/where the sheet music for Clair de lune/How Great Thou Art is available commercially. Thanks!